Overwatch Release Considered a Success?

Last night at 7pm EST, Overwatch was released upon the world in true Blizzard fashion. Meaning, people were waiting to play at 6:59pm, and nobody was able to get into the game servers at launch. However, after all of the Graf, groans of, “Here we go again,” wholesale mlb jerseys at around 7:14pm, everyone was able 2016? to get 1 in with ease and jump headfirst into short queue times, and loads of shooting people in their fat faces.

The night wasn’t completely bug free however, as some people were dropping connection to the Bnet servers at a frequent rate, however, most of the wholesale mlb jerseys people that we wholesale jerseys were playing with didn’t have many issues aside from the occasional graphics driver issues, or the “I think I’m getting hacked” issue. Users playing Diablo retail 3 report that some of is them lost their hardcore characters because of the cheap nba jerseys lag spikes due to the Overwatch launch, but I wouldn’t consider that a blemish on Vitae the Overwatch launch.

All in all, the launch was a success in my book, and we had a blast playing it. Hopefully other companies take cheap nfl jerseys note of how a major game is supposed to at be handled, and have as smooth as a launch as this one.

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