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Star Citizen 2.4 Live on Test Universe – Persistence is Coming

As we wholesale nfl jerseys slowly inch toward release Cloud Imperium is wasting Overwatch no time adding content to the public universe. Star Citizen 2.4.0L has been released adding a plethora of content to the existing universe as Release well as ArcCorp. And yes, I know what a plethora is. 2.4 adds persistent currency to […]

Overwatch Release Considered a Success?

Last night at 7pm EST, Overwatch was released upon the world in true Blizzard fashion. Meaning, people were waiting to play at 6:59pm, and nobody was able to get into the game servers at launch. However, after all of the Graf, groans of, “Here we go again,” wholesale mlb jerseys at around 7:14pm, everyone was […]

Star Citizen: Releasing 2016?

For those of you that have been living Beta under a rock for the past few years, Chris Roberts, legendary game designer of the Wing Commander series from former company, Origin, has been working on his latest project, Star Citizen, for the past few years. Star Citizen is an ambitious game, designed Physiotherapie for future […]

Overwatch Beta is a Success

Blizzard’s latest release, Overwatch, will be released to the masses on May 24th with much fanfare. The open beta was a success, and successfully returned a doomed project, formally known as “Titan” into a fun filled game that cheap jerseys is hyped beyond belief.

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